Resume Writing Tips

Under each job title in a resume, include a dynamic description or your responsibilities. Its important to remember that your reader has neither the time nor the inclination to sift through tedious details. Simplicity is paramount. Four or five short sentences should be the maximum length for each description. Starting each sentence with a dynamic verb will grab your readers attention and present you as an action-oriented achiever. Words like "initiated," "designed" and "directed" give an authoritative ring of achievement to your resume. Using a dash(-) or bullet before each sentence makes for easier reading because it breaks up the solid prose that can make reading seem more tedious.

Dynamic verbs:
achieved controlled expedited innovated produced sold
addressed converted edited inspired pioneered solved
analyzed coordinated evaluated installed prepared structured
assembled correlated expanded integrated procured succeeded
assisted counseled experienced interviewed performed supervised
added created engineered introduced planned synchronized
appeared delegated facilitated invented presented synthesized
assessed demonstrated gained keynoted promoted systematized
arranged designed generated launched provided tailored
administered detailed formulated lectured recommended taught
automated developed formed maintained reduced trained
built devised founded managed reorganized transformed
clarified directed handled marketed researched united
conceived discovered identified motivated resolved verified
conducted doubled implemented negotiated selected won
constructed earned improved operated served wrote
consulted established increased organized simplified
contributed executed initiated oversaw simulated  
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